Frequent Questions

This is a list of answers to "Frequently Asked Questions" asked of the World Martial Arts Center. Our FAQ list is intended as a quick resource and may not completely address the issue in totality. If you can not find an answer to your question below or need more clarification, please contact us.

  1) Can Anyone Learn Martial Arts?
  2) How Long Does It Take To Learn Song Moo Kwan Martial Arts?
  3) What Can I Achieve By Practicing Martial Arts?
  4) What Else Should I Know?

Can Anyone Learn Martial Arts?    (top)
Anyone with the desire to succeed can learn and benefit from the martial arts taught by the World Song Moo Kwan Association. Our methods are such that you need no previous athletic experience. Since our martial arts techniques use power generated by the entire body, anyone can develop ef-fective movements.

How Long Does It Take To Learn Song Moo Kwan Martial Arts?    (top)
You can learn a great deal even in your first lesson. With six months of practice, you can have a working basic knowledge. However, since there is no limit to your mastery of martial arts, with each practice your techniques will continue to improve.

What Can I Achieve By Practicing Martial Arts?    (top)
- Self-Confidence
- Respect
- Self-Control
- Competition
- Self-Defense
- Physical Fitness

What Else Should I Know?    (top)
For the young, Song Moo Kwan martial arts are a developer of character. For the middle aged they help to maintain health and integrate the mind and body. And for the older it is an exercising tonic that reawakens the senses and tones softened muscles. Song Moo Kwan martial arts offer many health and fitness benefits to all ages. No one is too young or too old to learn them. With each lesson, students improve their technique, flexibility and mental focus. The benefits of Song Moo Kwan martial arts training are endless.