World Martial Arts Center
Welcome to the World Martial Arts Center!

If you are looking for an established and reputable traditional martial arts school where you can receive authentic instruction in the martial arts, then you've come to the right place!

Since 1965, the World Martial Arts Center has been teaching traditional martial arts to the men, women and children of Minneapolis, Minnesota and the surrounding area.

We are the oldest martial arts school in Minnesota, one of the original Taekwondo schools in the United States and we serve as the US headquarters of the World Song Moo Kwan Association which is one of the oldest martial arts organizations in the world.

We offer the most comprehensive traditional martial arts program in the Upper Midwest with our Taekwondo, Hapkido and Shaolin Kung Fu programs.

We've taught over 40,000 students to defend themselves in our Minneapolis Metro area schools, and we've awarded hundreds of hard earned black belts over the past 50 years.

Please stop in and check us out!

We don't require contracts or long-term commitments. We encourage everyone to sign up for our Introductory Offer and experience one of our programs before signing up. You've made it this far, take the next step, join a class, and begin your journey to becoming a Black Belt, a Master, or maybe even a Grandmaster! We are all on the same journey, and we can help you on yours.


Objectives of Training at the World Martial Arts Center:

  1. To develop an appreciation for Song Moo Kwan traditional martial arts
  2. To achieve physical fitness through positive participation in our classes
  3. To improve mental discipline and emotional stability
  4. To learn effective self-defense skills
  5. To develop a sense of respect for one self and others